Všetky práva vyhradené 2019 - 2024 verdeline s.r.o.
 verdeline s.r.o. Hasičská 13 A943 01 Štúrovo  Telefón: +421 940638045Mail: info@verdeline.eu
ESTABLISHMENT The establishment of verdeline is dated back to 2019
FAMILY-OWNED COMPANY verdeline has been transformed into a family-owned and led company accompanied with those skillful, competent and cunning associates, who were present at the very begginings of company’s history. The year 2021 marks also one of the most important mile stones in company’s history as its shares and ownership have been acquired by our current CEO and company owner
BEGINNINGS verdeline pursued its activity shortly before the outbreak of pandemie in 2020. Already in a short period of time we have managed to achieve considerable success with our one-component vitamin formulas. During the pandemie, verdeline’s product palette gained numerous products, which shifted from our company’s initial and overall vision, but we still managed to stay true to our motto  : green line of supplements
DEVELOPMENT AND MODERNISATION In March of 2023 our facility went through expansion and modernisation. We have invested in modern technologies allowing us the most efficient production of dietary supplements. Products manufactured by us are distributed under the registered trademark of verdeline , whereas our product range has expanded and today it consists of more than 100 various products - from one-component vitamin preparates, supplements with organic ingredients, medicinal mushrooms, CBD products to cosmetics
verdeline’s utmost goal is to supply only the best quality dietary supplements manufactured according to the highest standards. Production of dietary supplements complies with the European food quality standards on hygiene and manufacturing practices. Ready-made products from our line are being distributed across Europe’s several countries, whereby product range consist of more than 100 different formulas that are manufactured at our facility or have previously been acquired from different countries of the EU
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