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Make your dreams come true cost efficiently. Our associates will lend a helping hand with building your own brand. Either choose from our ready-made formulas or come with an original one. We are able to provide you with guidance from start to finish - from product formulation to product design.


PACKAGING verdeline offers a wide range of packaging, which is obtained from renowed certified EU manufacturers (Hungary, Germany and the Czech republic). Only certified and food degree quality materials, which are compliant to EU regulations, are being used at our facility. We carry packaging materials in stock, therefore we are able to guarantee a selection of various bottles and containers as well as flexibility.
We follow the principles of GMP, the ISO certification of our facility is currently in progress.
Minimal order quantities(MOQ) We offer small batches and very low order quantities as well: Capsules - from 6,000 pcs. Tablets - from 10,000 pcs. Powders - 10 kg (for example 50 pcs 200 g/bottle)
TABLETS Upon request, we are able to produce tablets of various shapes and colours. Standardly we manu- facture tablets with a diameter up to 20 mm.
CAPSULES Our technologies allow us to fill capsule of sizes 2, 0 and 00 with solids. We are able to fill various capsules - white, transparent, colourful. You can choose from various materials of capsules such as HPMC, Pullulan or gelatine.
POWDERS We are able manufacture custom formulas of various powdered supplements (protein drinks, vitamin preparates, etc.) and then fill them into containers with your label.
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Organic medicinal mushrooms from a musroom grower from Hungary.
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